1. Self-Help has many ways you can make a difference in someone’s life. Start today with one (or more!) of these suggestions.

1. Visit the Online Store

Our 'Store' tab has many items available for purchase that give you a way to directly donate to the beneficiaries of SHI. All of the items are up for purchase using PayPal, so it's a fast and easy way to change lives.

2. Knit a Washcloth

Teaming up with Gigi's Kindness Corp, Self-Help’s army of knitters has provided thousands of washcloths that the children of Ghana and Nicaragua just love. Basic hygiene is one of the foundations of disease-prevention and you can help.

3. Go on a Mission Trip

Granted, not everyone’s schedule allows for a week or more in a foreign country; however, if you go we can make one guarantee, you will never be the same. Contact information@selfhelpinternational.org about the next scheduled trip. Self-Help staff always goes with you and we have staff in-country to make the journey memorable, helpful, and as stress-free as possible.

4. Get Your Church Involved

The United Methodist Churches of Iowa have long been supporters of Self-Help. Once a year, they give us a platform to spread our message but don’t let the Methodists have all the fun! We make it easy to put an insert in local bulletins. We have created some that anyone can use. Simply go to the ‘Store’ tab and download the version of your choice. 

5. Spread the Message

Take a newsletter to your neighbor, tell a friend about the web site, or step it up a notch. Self-Help is actively looking for Ambassadors. The only requirement is to have a heart. We will supply the rest – including materials, training, and the opportunities. There are dozens of speaking opportunities missed every year because we didn’t have people available in that area. Contact information@selfhelpinternational.org for more information.

6. Put up a Poster

Help spread the word! Print off a poster from the ‘Store’ tab and place it in a heavily-travelled spot. Make sure you get permission first. Better yet, print numerous posters.

7. Become an Intern

This may be a better fit for the college-aged readers. Self-Help is always looking for students who want real-life experience in the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization. We can offer more than free coffee and the chance to save a life. Contact information@selfhelpinternational.org today.

8. Donate

Thought we’d leave that one out, didn’t you? Sometimes it is so obvious that we forget to ask. Donations are what make our organization function, without them we would not be able to continue our work. Please go to the Donation tab.

9. Host an Event

We can give you all the help you need (plans, support, direction, resources) but you supply the ideas. In the past, some people have hosted a wine-tasting party with the proceeds going to Self-Help. Two teens hosted a dinner and invited all their classmates and relatives. Hold a Bake Sale. Have a can collection Saturday in your neighborhood (or your city)…. The only limit is your imagination.

10. Volunteer!!!

If you would like join Self-Help's effort to alleviate world hunger, we would be happy to speak with you via phone or email. In addition to volunteer opportunities in the U.S., you can also volunteer in Ghana or Nicaragua, the choice is yours.

(319) 352-4040


11. Do your usual shopping on AmazonSmile

1. Sign up at www.smile.amazon.com

2. Select "Self-Help International" as your preferred charity 

3. Shop online as usual at smile.amazon.com. You pay the same prices as at amazon.com, and Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Self-Help.