Fall 2018 Graphic Design Interns Needed in Waverly

Self-Help International Graphic Designer Internship Job Description

Job Title: Graphic Designer
Salary Range: This is an unpaid internship. School credit is available.
Department: Development
Reports to: The intern shall report to the Development Officer with frequent
communication with the Executive Director.
Employment Status: Temporary
Position Summary: Duties may include but are not limited to developing graphic designs
(info-graphs) consistent with the Self-Help International brand, developing a user-friendly
application for our Nicaragua and Ghana Staff for the micro-credit program, and working
with other staff and offices to improve communication efforts.
Minimum Job Requirements: This position requires a background in application design
and/or ability to use Adobe Creative Suite. Strong written and verbal communication skills,
proof-reading skills, the ability to work to deadlines and effectively multi-task are also
position requirements. Candidates pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, Web
Management, Communications, Business, Marketing or another related field strongly
preferred. Must be motivated to contribute to alleviation of international hunger and
Working Conditions: The position is considered an unpaid internship and requires 10-30
hours a week (depending on role assigned and requirements for college credit). While the
majority of the position duties will be completed in the office, some tasks and events may
occur outside of the office.
 Office Hours, Monday-Friday, anytime between 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
 Some weekends and weeknights, depending on role assigned
 Length and time period of internship will depend on each intern’s individual goals,
with internships available for anywhere from one month to a year.
Please submit cover letter, résumé, and writing and/or design samples to Jacqueline
Steinkamp at jackie@selfhelpinternational.org.