Empower Women Luncheon Virtual Event 2021

Celebrate women around the world during a virtual event on Wed., Dec. 8. at 12:00 PM CT

The Self-Help Lunch to Empower Global Women has been Self-Help International’s signature Central Iowa fundraising event and typically draws a sold-out crowd of 180 of Des Moines’ top professionals and recent retirees who believe in creating opportunities for people – especially women and girls – to escape the cycle of poverty. Due to the health concerns of COVID-19, the event was held virtually this year. If you were able to join us, thank you for attending! Please consider making a gift to empower women by using the form below — credit cards, wallets, PayPal and direct debit (e-check) all accepted. Please call (319) 352-4040 or email information@selfhelpinternational.org with questions or comments. Thanks for all you do!


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