A Mother’s Business Pays for Schooling

“We are able to feed the family and send my son to school.  I am very appreciative of Self-Help’s support.” -Akosua Pokua
Akosua Pokua, a busy, 42-year-old mother of three boys and one girl, is very appreciative of Self-Help International’s micro credit loans.
Akosua and her family live in Nkawie, a small farming town in Ghana. In 2009 Akousa used her first micro credit loan to purchase sheep to start a small trading business. Each 6-month loan Akosua has taken out over the past three years she has repaid on time, a feat accomplished by approximately 95% of all Self Help beneficiaries.

Akosua and fellow micro-credit participants


Akosua’s eldest son has decided he wants to attend a Teacher Training College, a school requiring a steep tuition. Proceeds from her small business enabled Akosua to build a 3-room home for her family.  Now that more money is needed for her son, she is able to rent out one of her rooms. Akousa proudly reports that rent from the room, combined with her savings, is enough to send her son to college.