Alleviating hunger by helping people help themselves

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Accessing Clean Water

Juan’s village

Goal: $320,000
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Improving Agriculture

Isidro’s family

Goal: $320,000
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Bedabour School

Goal: $320,000
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Empowering Women & Girls

Adelina’s enterprise

Goal: $320,000
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Empowering through training & resources to put knowledge into action

Opportunity: 100M +

Agricultural productivity increases when women farmers have the same access to productive resources as men, which could reduce hunger by 100 – 150 million.

98% Repayment

Self-Help Ghana boasts a 98% repayment rate on micro-loans issued to impoverished women entrepreneurs. Repaid loans are re-issued to empower the next woman in need.

90% Reinvestment

Women reinvest 90% of income into the family, so their children eat more and better food and get the education they need to break free from the cycle of hunger and poverty.

Empower a woman entrepreneur 

$20/month will offer her business training and a start up loan to better provide for her family

Empowering through innovation

2x Increase in Yields

Through improved practices and access to new technology, the farmers we serve are doubling or even tripling their yields, increasing food security now and for the future.

2x School Enrollment

Early childhood enrollment increases when we partner with communities to help them start school feeding programs, and students are able to start each school day hunger-free and ready to learn.

85,000+ People

We’ve installed more than 120 innovative water chlorination systems that are providing 85,000 people with clean water every day so they can lead healthier, more productive lives.

Sponsor clean drinking water for a village in Nicaragua

$1,500 brings clean water to an entire community for years to come 

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