For Barrison, the search is over

Barrison Kofi Kamo

Barrison is a trainee at the Self-Help International Young Adult Training Center. He travels 16km twice weekly to the center, sometimes on foot. Here, he shares his story.

My name is Barrison Kofi Kamo. I am 36 years and married with a child. Professionally I am a farmer and mason.

There isn’t much land in my community to expand my 5 acre cocoa farm. My services as a mason are virtually not needed in my community. The people live in mud houses that they build themselves.

For several years I have been looking for alternate livelihood. Individuals and groups, including government agencies, have made empty promises. Some even collected money from me but never delivered.

I received the news about the SHI Young Adult Training Center with a bit of skepticism. But now, I have visited the center three times and I am convinced that my search for an alternate livelihood is over. I recommend the center to every Ghanaian, especially the youth who are looking for non-existing jobs in the cities.

Thank you for being a part of Barrison’s story. With your support of the Young Adults Training Center in Ghana young people in Ghana can find the job training they need to support their families.