Training Center Produces a Young Entrepreneur

Abass at his inoculation and incubation house.

Abass, 33, completed high school in 2007 but was unable to go further due to financial restraints. He struggled to secure himself any reliable employment. He moved from one menial job to another, with a dream of becoming self-employed.

In March 2013, Abass enrolled at the Frances and Virginia Lageschulte Young Adult Training Center to broaden his knowledge and skills in mushroom production. He completed his training in June and immediately acquired a parcel of land to start mushroom farming in his village. Using local materials, Abass has constructed inoculation and incubation rooms, a composting floor, and a cropping house.

Composting floor

Currently, Abass has one employee, Ahmed, 26, a basic school graduate. Ahmed believes that a day spent at the center keeps him out of trouble and on a path to success.

In September 2013 SHI granted Abass a loan of $250 for the purchase of spores, plastic bags, and other materials for the initial production.

Abass says there is a market ripe for mushroom sales. He plans to sell to hotels and restaurants in Kumasi and its surrounding villages.

Thanks for your kindness and consistent support. Your help has made it possible for Abass and other young men like him to find success.