Abass continues to make progress

Abass inside the incubation house

Abass Kwarteng graduated from high school in 2007, but due to financial constraints he was unable to further his education. In March 2013, he enrolled at the Frances and Virginia Training Center and is now enjoying success as a small business owner.

After successful completion of his training at the center in June, Self-Help International granted Abass a loan of $250 to start a mushroom business. By September, Abass had hired an employee and just begun to build his incubation and cropping houses using local materials. A visit by SHI staff in January 2014 showed a new and different picture. Construction is complete and Abass’s mushroom business is on sound footing.

Sterilization unit

Many young people, men and women, are on the streets of Kumasi and Accra looking for impossible to find work. Abass could have been one of them. Thanks to courses offered at the Frances and Virginia Lageschulte Training Center he is not. Abass is confident in what he is doing and the sky is his limit.

Thank you for your assistance. Your kindness has made it possible for Abass and other young men like him to find success.