Knowledge, training increase project participation

Brochures distributed to promote water program

From May to August 2014, Self-Help International (SHI) staff have visited 45 communities all from the Río San Juan area to promote and present information on CTI-8 chlorinator installation, maintenance and the benefits of clean water.

In an effort to share information, SHI staff members are distributing informational brochures to people in the communities they visit. The brochures provide technical information on the systems as well as testimony from beneficiaries in communities where chlorinators are already in use. Brochures from the Nicaragua Ministry of Health are also being distributed. These brochures describe illnesses that come from drinking contaminated, untreated water.

Chlorinator installation in Papaturro

During recent visits, staff has provided 195 chlorinator tablets to community water committees to be used in the chlorinator systems. Three new chlorinators were installed, one each in the communities of El Tule municipality of San Miguelito, Las Bellezas a municipality of Morrito, and Papaturro municipality of San Carlos. These newly installed systems will provide clean water to 1,785 people.

Las Bellezas water committee receives training

Including new installations, Self-Help’s clean water program now benefits 30,063 people. That’s is an increase in 1,785 people since April 2014. Beneficiaries of the clean water program tell Self-Help staff that they are happy to have safe water to drink. They also said they are no longer concerned about illnesses and parasites that come with drinking raw water.

Your support has provided these communities with the knowledge and training to improve the quality of water therefore improving the quality of life. Thank you for your generous donation.