Motivation drives Maria’s success

Maria & one of her children at a training session

Maria is a 38 year old woman from the Cruz Verde community. She has three sons, one of which is ten-years-old and must help her read and write because she is unable to do so. Maria is very active in classes offered at the Self-Help training center and is always willing to share knowledge with other women in the micro-credit program.

Two of Maria’s sons

Maria and Ana, another woman in the program, are two of the most motivated women in the group. For example, in December Maria and Ana worked together to make 12 piñatas in a very short time. Later that day, when the rest of the class returned from lunch, Maria and Ana were already busy making pasta de chiles (hot pepper sauce).

Maria and the micro-credit group

Because of their efficiency, the two women were able to sell much of what they made in the Municipal Market in San Carlos. With their income, they bought school supplies for their children to take to class.

This week, Maria and Ana will head to the market with 50 more containers of pasta de chile (hot pepper sauce) to sell, allowing them to earn 3,000 Cordobas (about $112) between the two women. At the market, they will also be selling jams from nancites, a common type of fruit found in Nicaragua, to strengthen their profit.

Your support has enabled Maria and Ana, and other motivated women like them, to earn money to support their families.