Meet Emma


Emma working in her fritanga

My name is Emma, I’m 33 years old and I live in the Laurel Galan community. Laurel Galan is about 3 km from the Self-Help office in Quinta Lidia. I’m a beneficiary in the Micro-Credit Program and I’ve been in the program since November 2013. I just received my third loan of $100 USD. I invested the first loan in my business by buying tools and materials to open a bakery. The tools included a beater, 4 cookie cutters and some food coloring, all of which I was unable to afford before the loan.

When I received my second loan, I teamed up with another woman in the program who lives nearby; we combined our loans and together we opened a small eatery. The majority of our customers are workers who stop by between 2:00pm and 9:00 or 10:00 at night. We make enchiladas, repochetas, fried chicken, grilled meat, fried dough, buñuelos, candies and chicken soup.

With our loans, we bought materials that were of high priority in our new business, like a meat presser,a drip pan, two ladles and a draining spoon. Again, with our third loan, we purchased supplies to further grow our business. Specifically,we bought 2 pails,a grater,and 3 seats and a table.

I feel very content and thankful to be part of a program that has provided us the opportunity to follow our entrepreneurial spirits, and that continues to motivate us to better our small businesses. Through the program we’ve also been able to learn various skills such as business administration, how to make jams and wreaths, how to start and maintain a garden and many more.

I’m thankful to all the donors who support this program in our country and who understand that we are hardworking, entrepreneurial women with powerful wishes to better the lives of our families.

Thank you.