100 Healthier Families in Villa Álvarez

                                    Clean Water Committee leader Henry and sons


Several months ago, members of the of the Villa Álvarez Clean Water Committee came together with other Clean Water Committees in El Almendro municipality to learn from the Self-Help about the CTI-8 water chlorination system and how it works to eliminate biological contaminants in the water. The committee was eager to get clean water to their community, and to install this PVC-pipe-based system in particular for its affordability and effectiveness at purifying the water in the 12,600 gallon tank their community uses.

Because of the generous sponsorship of five families, Self-Help’s Clean Water Program Officer, Orlando, was able to conduct the preliminary study and analysis of the characteristics of the existing water tank, determined the best way to construct and install the CTI-8 system, and teach Henry, a member of the clean water committee, and his sons how to install and maintain the system to ensure that the whole community can access clean, safe drinking water on a daily basis.  He also taught the community about basic handwashing and sanitation now that they have regular access to clean water so they can take advantage of all of the health benefits that access to clean water provides.

Orlando shows Henry how to build chlorinator

Villa Álvarez is about 55 miles away from the Self-Help offices, but it takes more than an hour and a half to reach the community by car or motorbike due to poor road quality.  Your generous financial support covered the costs associated with fuel and transportation to and from the community during the analysis, installation, educational, and follow up visits, as well as the time and materials for staff to train the clean water committees, and for the chlorinator system itself.

The community will repay the cost of the chlorinator ($150) in installments over the coming months to ensure community ownership over the system. Those repaid funds will be placed into a revolving fund to purchase the materials for to construct a CTI-8 chlorinator for the next community in need, so your gift will keep on giving!

Orlando, Henry & son with new chlorinator

Already, this gift of clean water has reduced the incidence of acute diarrheal disease, enabling children to spend time in school, not the health clinic, and empowering their parents to live healthier, more productive lives.  On behalf of the the Clean Water Committee of Villa Álvarez, thank you to all who made this this life-changing gift possible!