Wow! You’re Amazing!

Your support makes us jump for joy!

In just the last two weeks, you’ve empowered 70 girls in Ghana to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty through the GlobalGiving Girl Fund campaign!

At the start of this campaign, we set a target of raising $3,000 from 150 people to empower 20 girls between March 1 – 15.  But you didn’t think that was enough.

You donated to empower teen girls AND you went the extra step further and invited your friends, colleagues and family members to join you in empowering teen girls.  You raised the funds to empower those 20 girls in the first week of the campaign alone, and then doubled the impact by inviting your friends to get involved, empowering 50 more girls in the second week!


More than 350 people donated more than $10,500 to empower 70 girls in Ghana in the first two weeks of this month! 

We finished in 5th place, missing out on the $10,000 bonus, but you made a lasting difference for 70 girls in Ghana AND created a race to the top!

Because our project did so well, the other four projects in contention had to ramp up their efforts to get ahead of us – meaning your support for teen girls in Ghana inspired others to empower more girls in the Dominican Republic, educate more girls in Kenya, sponsor STEM camp for more girls in Nigeria, and help more girls in Vietnam get to school. We’re so proud to have been a part of this competition where girls around the world came out as the clear winners.

Thank you so much to every one of you who made this campaign such a success!  We’ll be sending you a project report from this same email address in about 6 weeks to let you know exactly how your donations made a difference and the progress the girls are making because of your support.

PS: In our last project report, we promised to share with you the skit that the girls performed during the Teen Girls Club inauguration.  Check out the full photo essay here.