Giving Thanks & #GivingTuesday


Dear Friends,

As we gather around our tables this Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the food we have to eat, the family and friends we share it with, and the farmers who grow it.

All too often, farm families around the world struggle to meet their own food needs. But Self-Help’s training centers are changing that. The centers offer farmers training ranging from animal husbandry to improved cultivation practices to business and financial literacy education, and pair that training with resources to put that training into action so farmers have the dignity of feeding their own families, not only today, but for seasons to come.

You may have already heard the stories of young people learning to raise chickens that contribute to family food securitymothers building fuel-efficient ovens and stoves that increase income and improve family health, and prisoners learning how to start up new businesses to help them thrive upon release. This access to training and resources is truly transforming lives and livelihoods, one family at a time…but our work is not done yet.

Our Board of Directors would like to extend this training to help more families achieve self-sufficiency in 2018, and we’re inviting you to join us: when you make a gift to Self-Help by #GivingTuesday – November 28 – we’ll match your gift by 50%. 

Please help us spread the word by encouraging your friends to join you in helping farmers feed their families. As an added bonus, any gifts from new supporters will be matched at 100%.

Donate here and your gift will be matched

Thanks for your care and concern, and for taking action to help those most in need.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Richard A. Neal
President, Self-Help International