An Update from Nicaragua

Many of you have been following the news of ongoing political protests in Nicaragua and expressed concern for our staff and those we serve in Nicaragua. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We are keeping in close contact with our local Nicaraguan staff during this time of civil unrest. Our team is safe, and they are continuing to work diligently to serve people in the best and safest way possible, prioritizing safety for all.

The Self-Help International Board of Directors remains committed to carrying out our mission in Nicaragua to alleviate hunger by helping people help themselves.

The biggest challenge in carrying out our mission over the past three months has been transportation due to road blocks. We received word that as of July 16, roads are now open and bus service resumed, which will greatly improve our ability to serve rural communities.

These current challenges make your past support all the more meaningful: rural farm families are more resilient today because of the financial literacy training and business support you’ve made possible. Our hearts go out to all affected by the violence and we continue to pray for peace in the nation.