Meet Business Owner Teresa

Teresa Gonzales Jaenz is 26 years old and lives in Quinta Lidia, Río San Juan, Nicaragua. After many invitations to attend a Self-Help training session, she finally joined after four years. She received a micro-credit loan and started a small business selling Nicaraguan fast food such as enchiladas and tacos. She started going house by house to sell it. As time went by, Teresa realized that the business was not profitable because the neighbors did not purchase the products in cash. Instead, they wanted the products on credit and Teresa was not able to have enough money for the following day to get the supplies she needed. She tried to change the menu during the weekends but it didn’t change anything. After another failure, Teresa decided to participate in the SHI pilot project using her own back yard to plant and harvest corn. She planted 4 pounds of quality protein maize (INTA Nutrader certified seed corn) using the double row technique, taught by the Agriculture SHI Program officer Rodolfo Hernandez. After harvest, she was able to make a profit and get a new business loan to sell beauty products. Currently, she is a woman who has overcome a lot and managed to save around $416 in just 8 months. She was able to purchase a bed for her child so he could have a bed of his own. Teresa’s persistence and determination to adapt to changing circumstances set a good example for other women small business owners to follow. She is proud of herself for participating in the women’s empowerment program and really appreciates all the people from Self-Help International who make this program possible in Nicaragua.