A Mother’s Journey to Educate Her Daughter

By Ernestina Esinam Glikpo, Communications Manager, Self-Help International

Abena, member of SHI Microcredit Program.

In the Juaben community in the Ashanti Region of Ghana lived Abena. At 55, Abena had a big dream: to give her daughter a good education. She knew this was the key to a better future. However, finances are tight, and Abena was struggling with her palm oil processing business.

Witnessing Abena’s dedication and commitment to work, Sarah, another palm oil processor in Juaben and a member of the Self-Help Microcredit Program, told Abena about this special program she has benefited from, an initiative where small loans were given to help people like them.

Excited about the program, Abena and other women approached the microcredit program officers and expressed their interest in joining the program when they visited Sarah’s palm oil factory. They were warmly welcomed by the team with smiles. A training session was conducted by the microcredit team to guide Abena’s group through the initial process and program dynamics. In the year 2021, something wonderful happened: Abena’s group got their first loan, an amount of GHC 1000.00 ($175.00). With this, Abena’s small business began to grow, increasing income and stability.

As the business flourished, so did Abena’s savings. And then came the day when she could finally afford her daughter’s tuition for a tertiary school. Imagine the joy and pride in her heart; her daughter was going to be a nurse. “Now my daughter is in nursing college, and I feel fulfilled,” Abena said.

Abena worked hard to make life better for herself and her family. Thanks to your support, Abena was able to fulfill her dream and together we can keep making positive changes in our community by helping people help themselves.