Planting Trees for a Sustainable Future: Growing a Greener Tomorrow

By: Ernestina Esinam Glikpo

Two students work hard to plant a tree in the community.

The Green Ghana Project, launched in 2021, is aimed at restoring Ghana’s depleted forest cover and

contributing to the global fight against climate change. Before the launch of this initiative, in 2020, the Atwima enclave in the Ashanti Region was ravaged by Galamsey, leading to widespread destruction of farm lands and water bodies, job losses, and increased food insecurity, which became a worry to the indigenes in these communities.

Determined to make a difference, the Nyame Bekyere Youth Agriculture Club, a component of the Self-Help International Agricultural and Entrepreneurial Development program, rode on the wings of this tree planting initiative to take action to protect the environment and combat the devastating effects of illegal mining, known as Galamsey. The goal was to not only grow more trees but also protect existing ones and combat the environmental degradation caused by Galamsey.


Trees outside of Nuamebekyere M/A basic school which were planted three years ago, now provide shade and fresh air.

As the club members participated in the tree-planting activity, they felt a sense of pride and ownership. They were excited to share their experience with others and develop their social skills, such as teamwork and communication, as they worked together to plant the trees.
Three years later, the trees have grown, providing shade and fresh air for the children of Nyamebekyere M/A basic school. As we celebrate Green Ghana Day on June 7, the Nyame Bekyere Youth Agriculture Club urges everyone to join them in planting a tree to save a life. By doing so, they hope to create a ripple effect of sustainability and grow a greener tomorrow.