THANK YOU so much for helping us reach our goal for Giving Tuesday this year! With your help, we were able to raise over $100,000. BUT, more help is needed. If you haven’t given yet this holiday season, your gift is more crucial than ever. Year on year inflation rates in Ghana have skyrocketed to 37.2% as of September, and are continuing to rise. Inflation is hitting women entrepreneurs especially hard. Self-Help’s micro-loan revolving fund is operating at maximum capacity, and while we’re on track with the projected loans issued this year, the amount of the loan buys only a fraction of what it would have at the start of the year. Self-Help needs to increase the amount of funding available to entrepreneurs so that the loans issued have greater buying power to combat the impact of inflation on farmers and small business owners.

Farmers worldwide are facing high input costs, storage issues and weather adversity. Self-Help’s partnerships make a difference to people weathering economic uncertainty by offering community leaders in Nicaragua and Ghana the resources and knowledge they need to make lasting and sustainable changes in their communities. Support from YOU makes those partnerships possible.

While our Giving Tuesday campaign has concluded for this year, your support is still needed! Please make a difference in lives of rural families and communities. Read more about Self-Help International HERE!