3 new communities benefit from clean water program

La Conquista water training

In September 2013, Self-Help International trained community members and installed chlorinators in the communities of La Conquista, La Argentina, and El Castillo in Nicaragua.

In La Conquista, community water volunteers were trained intensively on how to install and maintain the water system. Training was held right in the volunteers’ homes.

Also in September, community volunteers installed two chlorinators in Los Chiles, a small village. The clean water will affect 6,000 beneficiaries.

Los Chiles chlorinator installation

The water source in Los Chiles had several issues including various waterborne diseases that lead to a surge in the child mortality rate in the community. This simple water chlorinator system will improve the lives of many people and it will help decrease waterborne diseases. Most importantly, children will get the opportunity to go to school without suffering from stomach pains or illnesses from drinking untreated water.

Easy access will prevent traveling long miles to fetch clean water. In addition, clean water promotes a healthier diet and improves the lives of many.

Thank you for your kindness and support. Your help has brought clean water to La Conquista, La Argentina, Los Chiles, El Castillo, and many other communities like them.