Abena alleviates hunger through her small business

Abena setting up for a chemical treatment

In Ghana, West Africa, lands are small in size and owned by agricultural indigenes. Commercial farming is nearly impossible within these lands due to rigid access to agricultural credits. Because agriculture is weather dependent and “risky”, receiving credit from the bank can be difficult.

The key to alleviating hunger in Ghana lies in the hands of the farmer. With a micro-credit loan from Self-Help International, Abena, who is 55-years-old, is able to afford all that she needs to maintain her half-acre rice farm. She was able to buy a rain booth, knapsack, and fertilizer with the loan.

Today, Abena tells Self-Help International that her farm is doing well! She hopes to buy more land when it becomes available.

Because of your generosity, Abena and other agricultural farmers in Ghana are able to afford the necessary supplies to maintain their lands and ultimately, alleviate hunger. Thank you for your support and donations to Self-Help International.