Gifty’s Gift of Health

Gifty smiling as she shares her story

I am thankful to SHI for the gift of national health insurance. With this I can visit the clinic and have my body examined,”  said Gifty with a smile.

Gifty is twelve years old and in fifth grade at Timeabu Municipal Area Basic School. She is an excellent student and at the top of class. Like many families in Timeabu, Gifty lives in a one room home, which she shares with both of her parents and all five of her siblings. Outside of school, Gifty spends her time helping out on the family farm and helping her mother’s business, which involves producing and selling brooms.

Gifty and her family

During one of the Teens Club meetings, Gifty confided in Mabel, “I wake up every morning feeling tired and weak. Sometimes, I feel pains in my entire body.”  Mabel kept a close eye on Gifty after that conversation, and upon seeing that Gifty’s health was deteriorating, she had a discussion with Gifty’s parents. The parents admitted they were aware of Gifty’s deteriorating health but were unable to help due to financial difficulties.

Touched by the plight of the girl, Mabel took up her cause and appealed to friends and family members and Self-Help and was able to mobilize GHC 30.00 (US $7) which was used get Gifty national health insurance coverage for twelve months. Gifty has since visited the hospital, where she was able to get the needed treatment and is now recovering.

Gifty proudly shows her new insurance cards

Gifty is happy not only because she is receiving medical treatment, but also because it means she can stay in school and her dream to become a nurse is still alive. She wonders, “What would have happened to me without the health insurance?” and gives thanks that the Teens Club has come to her village and offered her support.

The Teen Girls Club not only guides and counsels girls to concentrate on their schooling but also provides protection and voice for teen girls in rural Ghana. Thanks to your support of the Teens Club regular activities – and extra support like in Gifty’s case – many teen girls will not only survive, but thrive, complete their education and become tomorrow’s world leaders.