Help us Grow $10 into $10,000 to Empower Teen Girls!

Hello readers of the Self-Help International blog! 

My name is Ricki Grover and I am the Development and Communications intern here in the Waverly office. I am very excited to tell you about an awesome way to support your favorite nonprofit: Self-Help International!

The GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign is the Self-Help Teen Girls Club’s chance to win a year-long slot in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. The Girl Fund is made up of hundreds of donors committed to supporting GlobalGiving’s top tier organizations working to accelerate women’s equality around the world. For one year, the winning cohort will receive funding on a monthly basis from the Girl Fund. 

This is where you come in. In order to qualify for this fund, we need unique supporters to donate at least $10 via GlobalGiving between Friday, March 6 and Friday, March 13. Since we need as many unique donors as possible, we are asking you to start a campaign. This will allow you to share this opportunity with your family, friends, dentist, niece’s elementary school teacher, and anyone else who may want to support our amazing Teen Girls Club. This sounds challenging, but we made it easy! Click this link to go to the GlobalGiving site that allows you to create your campaign then follow the steps portrayed in the pictures below. After that, you just need to spread the word of your campaign either by posting on your social media sites or referring people to your link. 

But wait, there’s more! In honor of International Women’s Day, this Friday is bonus day! This means that any donations we get before 11:00 pm on Friday will have an opportunity to receive a bonus from GlobalGiving. Let’s kick off this campaign with an awesome day of donations followed by a week of support for Self-Help and the Teen Girls Club!

All the best,  Ricki Grover 





Photo instructions:

First, clicking the link brings you to a page that looks like this:







Second, you’re going to type in your information including a brief description of Self-Help, the Teen Girls Club, and/or why you are starting this campaign. Make it personal! The fundraiser title is Grow $10 into $10,000 to Empower Teen Girls.

Next, confirm you are not a robot and hit the orange “create fundraiser button”

Your page should now look something like this: 

Now, onto the fun stuff! Share the link via social media, email, snail mail, etc. whatever it takes to raise some funds for our Teen Girls.

And that is it! You’ve now made a campaign and are, as always, greatly appreciated by everyone at Self-Help and those that we support.