The First Teen Girls Club Conference Was a Success!

By Albert Amoateng – National Service Member

Conference guest speakers.

Thanks to supporters from around the globe, the first Self-Help International Teen Girls Club (TGC) conference, “Rise Up For Your Future,” was a great success! 

About 230 clients of the Teen Girls Club attended the Rise Up For Your Future conference held in the Sociology and Social Work department of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The program began with breakfast and registration. Students were put into five groups marked by colors, which made coordination easier and gave the girls more opportunities to socialize with each other

The guest speakers included Lt Anita Asiedu Kumah from Uddara barracks in Kumasi; Miss. Bertha, a representative from Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG); the Head of the Sociology and Social Work Department as well as student representatives; and Benjamin Kusi, Ghana Country Director at Self-Help International.

During their presentations, students from KNUST shared their life experiences with TGC participants, encouraging them to persevere through the hardships they may experience. The students shared similar experiences they encountered and how they remained determined to get their education. 

Lt. Anita challenged the girls to be hardworking and humble. She told the participants that hard work and humility are great tools that shouldn’t be underestimated.

“I grew up in Nungua living with my strict grandmother,” Lt. Anita said. “She taught me to be obedient, humble, and hardworking.”

Miss Bertha from PPAG addressed the risks associated with teenage pregnancy. She emphasized the dangers associated with early conception, delivery, and early parenting. She also discussed the various sexually transmitted infections and their negative impacts they can have on the girls’ health. 

Staff and representatives from the KNUST Sociology and Social Work department taught the girls some useful tools and strategies they could use to confront challenges and pursue their education. 

Benjamin Kusi reaffirmed that Self-Help is ready to assist those who help themselves and that they should work hard to achieve their dreams.

Rise up for your future!

Students wrapped up the day by creating group presentations to share their experiences and what they learned from the conference. Some girls indicated that they had lots of fun during the socializing sessions. Others shared that they enjoyed the excursion and seeing KNUST for the first time. The girls embraced education with enthusiasm and recommitted to continuing to rise up for their future, no matter what challenges they might encounter. 

As a closing activity, students were asked to make handprints with paint indicating that they were not there just to listen and have fun, but also to use what they learned back in their own communities.

Thanks to your support, girls met professionals, successful and highly determined people who encouraged and educated them on career selection and life skills. This excursion increased club members’ motivation to continue pursuing their formal education, which has a ripple effect: every additional year of secondary education a young woman completes will increase her individual earning power by 15 – 25%. Thank you for joining us in making this lasting impact possible!